Handle Bar Settings

what is the best Handle bar setting for Motocross I have a 06 Yz 450 and I was wondering if there is any Certain setting that is better I have it on the center line right now when I sit it is pretty comfortable but when I stand they seem a little to low

For most people, the stock '06 YZ bars are too low no matter what, short of mounting them on risers.

If you are 5'10"-6', the Reed/Henry bend will be much more to your liking, taller, up to 6'4", something like the Windham bend. Even the standard YZ High bar from Pro Taper is a little taller than the '06.

gray, i have to chime in on this one. while rider ability and size has alot to do with this; i think that personal preference is a factor. i'm 5'6" and 163lbs and am an average B rider. after doing all the average 06 yz450f tricks to get it to obey, i tried the protaper windham bars and worked for me and have been good since. do you know anyone like me, or am i a mutant?

I'm not prepared to label you a mutant, but you're the first person of your height that I've heard of that likes the Windhams. But I know some people not much taller than I (5'10") who like the Pastrana FMX bend or the KX high, both of which are much taller than the KW's.

I find the Windhams a little tall feeling ( my 6'3" son rides the '06 most of the time) but after a lap or so, I feel fine with them.

It's rider preferance. I'm 6'2 and love the Windhams.

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