NPUZA, BILL....winter riding is now......

Went out last night and the hook up was great. Anyone interested? All riding done at night, it's the bomb!

[ February 03, 2002: Message edited by: Bill ]

Dude I just took mine out in the snow and hook up was great, I was amazed. Im not sure adout the ridin in the dark thing tho.

Riding in dhe dark is awsome. Just don't stall it. Give it a try.

Dude, you are the gnarliest rider I know!!

Can't wait to do some trail riding with you in PA this summer. I'm ready to take on anything TC can dish out!

Thanks for the compliment! Didn't you bu a studded set of trelleborgs? I have a olace for you to use them if you want to come up for a weekend.


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