mx dot

I know this topic has been beat to death, but... I am wanting good setup for my plated wr426. Little road use, but don't want a knobbie that won't last with a little road use.

1. I have been told a non dot in the front, dot in the rear.

2. front mt 21 or mt 18 (which is better for mud and sand?) rear mt 21 or kenda trakmaster.

3. forget dot and go non on both.

Please let me know what you guys are using on the lighter bikes. I have dunlop 606 front and rear- in the mud or sand is scary!!!


i used the kenda enduro (ok tire) i am 75% road, so i am still looking..i found that the stock tire works best, averaging 500-750 miles before it is a skin(still road worthy but not trail capable)....after 9 rears and 2 fronts i still havent found a all around good tire

For this year I went Pirelli scorpion pro front and rear, I'm about 20-30 percent road, so far so good, even took them up to the dunes twice and had a blast!

Ive been using the pirelli mt21 on the rear and ride about 10-20% on road. I like it alot. I find it has really good traction in all types of terrain, sand, mud, hard pack. As for the wear on the road, it is doing really well so far, have about 500km with very minimal wear. When I have to get new rear tire I will probly get another one.

I have always had a dot tire on my wr. Is a non dot knobby really sketchy on the mountain roads? Also, I noticed the mt 18 is listed as a dirt tire, but is dot approved? Anyone have any mud or sand experience with the lighter dual sports using the mt18? Is the mt 18 more aggressive than the mt 21?


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