Aftermarket clutch?!

My buddy has a 2006 XR650R. Now with 2000km. We do all our riding in the desert. First clutch failure (slipping so bad we couldn't even move the bike) :p at 1000km. Dealer fixed it and now at 2000km it's slipping again.:p

So after reading the previous post about clutches etc etc I think we are on the right track to replacing the clutch with an aftermarket kit.

The idea is as follows:

1) Barnett dirt digger kit

2) Hinson clutch basket

3) XR's only springs

I have some questions though. :p

The Barnett dirt digger kit seems to be for XRR '00-'05. Will it be the same for '06? Are the XR's only springs really that much better than the Barnett springs? How much better are the Barnett springs compared to stock as we may not get the XR's only springs where we are?

Finally are there any special tools required to replace the clutch components? We have measuring tools (micrometer and vernier), torque wrench, ring spanners and sockets, hammer, punch etc. Anything else?:excuseme:

Any other tips or advice?:applause:


I put the barnett full kit in my bike. took about 45 minutes, and 2 tools. 8mm and 10 mm socket. didn't even drain the oil.

Kit has everythign you need. pull the cover off, then pull teh 4 10mm bolts with springs under them out.

Pull all the frictions/metals out, keep them in order, and put the new ones in. But the inside and outside frictions are a bit different. so make sure you pay attention as they come out.

Helps to soak your new clutch in oil for an hour first.

I put the barnett full kit in my bike.

So only the dirt digger kit or also the basket from barnett?

just the dirt digger kit. factory basket. although next time I change it I'll need a basket. the factory one was showing just a bit of wear.

For me, I always keep enough slack in the cable and I only use the clutch in tight sections or if needed. If you don't give the cable enough slack your clutch will actually be engaged when it gets hot. This seems to be a BIG problem with 650R setup. If you give it enough slack, even if your are a pro rider, your clutch should last. I've got about 2K on mine and this bike has pre-run the Baja 1000 in 05' several Baja trips on 06' and several desert rides and also raced in the Baja 250 the stock clutch is still good.

I think the key is to not use it! I know this sounds odd but you can shift the pigs with no problem without the clutch in most situations. You can feel when the timing is right. Of course under hard loads on the engine I do use the clutch.

Lastly, I have used aftermarket clutch kits in the past and I always go back to OEM! The factories spend thousand of hours testing and Honda always makes great stuff. I would go OEM and use some heavier clutch springs.

2 cents!

will the '00-'05 kit be the same for '06? Are the clutches unchanged?:excuseme: Anybody know.:applause:

will the '00-'05 kit be the same for '06? Are the clutches unchanged?:excuseme: Anybody know.:applause:

I would imagine its the same; the BRP has remained pretty unchanged for years.

I'm on my 3rd clutch set and into my 22nd thousand miles. ( I'm handling the clutch wrong sometimes). The first 2 sets were original Hondas. They are quite easy to "burn" (my xperience) . Now I'm using Barnetts clutch set together with an extra metal plate since some time ago. Nowadays I have no problem with the clutch. However the smoothness are since long gone now :applause: I have a got a clutch that can take mistreatment for long time and always works but in the other way the clutch is just on and off, no feeling. If you only go desert racing it should work fine.

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