XR650r Engine NOISe BUZZING at high RMPs

I have an 2005 650R (uncorked w/ edlebrock carb)and when I got it the engine ran smooth and clear. The bike only had 250 miles on it. The valves were adjusted at that time. I have put on another 800 miles and I adjusted the valves and checked and rechecked them. I don't have the book so I guess it could be that I adjusted them wrong but I have worked on xr 600rs for years and understand how to adjust valves.

The problem is this, when I rev the bike about 50% there is a noticable buzzing coming from what I would think is the top-end. I took it to a mechanic friend of mine and he said not to worry about it. Well I am worried only because it did not make that noise before and I adjusted the valves because I started to hear a slight buzz. I can hear the Buzz while riding at high revs and it is driving me crazy. I keep thinking that something bad could be happening to the bike.

any ideas. Does anyone else have these same symptoms?

My kickstarter mechanism buzzes until the bike gets warm sometimes.

That is good to hear.. Mine does the same but that goes away after a bit right?

This sound is not going away and I am really getting concerned. I have been wanting to put in a stage 2 hot cam and maybe now is the time.

The pipe guard will sing too, so do some of the metal skid plates.

Pipe guard and skid plates are the most common. I have a BD alum plate on my brp, and in high-mid range the thing rattles REALLY bad...

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