Brand spankin new yz450f noises, normal?

Hey now!!!

I am runester and I am grateful to be able to gather info and as well help with it if at all possible...A 2 stroke junkie am now a VERY PROUD owner of a new bouncing baby 07 yz450f...(the old lady says it is the most beautiful (dirt) bike shes ever seen, 10 an. white /silver.) I am a Ca.native and been on bikes for 35 yrs now. Thank y'all for havin' me!!!!

Here is my the bike today and just rode it in the alley for maybe five through all the gears three times up down. I notice that the clutch is a bit ratly not too bad but definately noticable when the clutch is out in nuetral...when I pull it in it stops, also, I notice a sort of squeek sound from the exhaust when I twist the throttle off idle for just a second it is a sort of whistle/squeek. I called the shop and they said that after break in/first oil change it will go away. I know that the clutch in this model has a new design but am a bit nervous about the sound...its just a gut feeling but it has me a little edgy. Right now I have a 96 yz125, a 91 yz250, a 89 cr250, a 93 rm125, an 01 rm125 and two rm65's and a KX85

Yz's and cr are mine...rm's are the old ladys, the little bikes are the kids.

I grew up on all kinds of bikes...just about anything you can think of, my dad was a "motorcycle enthusiast" to the extreme so me and my brothers were very lucky so I have been listening to engines for many years. My son just decided he wants to race so we hit a track last week... up until then its been desert trails...didnt much care for four strokes until that day at the track last week, man I really saw what those bad boys were REALLY about so I am anxiuosly awaiting this sunday we are off to glen helen so I can ride mine. I just want to feel peace of mind that this bike is making normal sounds.

Thank you for all your help...

I love this site and have been reading posts here for a while and really appreciate the vibe here.

KInd regards,


Its normal, don't worrie , they make alot of noise, theres a lot of moving parts in a 4 stroke and Yamahas are louder than most and last longer than all. Mine also quites down when I pull the clutch, in neutral. My 06 has 84 hr and still makes alot of noise but not as much as it did when it was new, also if you add a skid plate it will even seem louder. Also don't be shocked if the suspension is a little harsh, after 8 to 12 hours it will become the best stock suspension made.

That's not the clutch, it's the transmission rattling around in response to the single cylinder engine idling. When you pull the clutch, you disconnect the trans from the engine, and it quiets down.

Okeedokee then...

I guess it is time to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the peace of mind!!!!

I always have that ita bit of apprehension when I buy a brand new motorvehicle

crossin my fingers and hopin' its not a far Ive been lucky I guess out of all I have bought only the motorhome had issues but that (I have since come to find) is pretty normal. All I can say is this is one sweet machine and I thank god there are communities like TT out there to set things straight.

Thanks again!

Kind regards,


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