Who makes the best hour meter ???

Well, since I wont be needing or buying another bike anytime soon, I think it would be wise to have an hour meter on my 06 YZ450 just to be sure the maintenance is done at the proper intervals. Ive seen some with tachometers but what benifit is that except for setting your idle (which I do buy ear and riding conditions). Are there any suggestions on this from people who actually have one on thier bike? Thanks as always for the info! And just a little extra thanks for this website and forum. I cant tell you how much I have benifited from everyone thru the last 4 years. I wont even guess how many mistakes I would have made reguarding the input from everyone here on TT!:applause:

Nearly all the hour meters are made by the same company, Sendec. They may say Zip Ty or Yamaha on them, but they are Sendec. You can buy the model w/o the tach at Sears in the lawn mower department for about $30. The tach is a nice, but not essential feature.

You can purchase directly from Sendec, go to their website

You can purchase directly from Sendec, go to their website

or just go to the closest Sears store...

www.motominder.com is another option. I have those on my boy's bikes (I have the Sendec/Yamaha on my 450). Motominders are a little more expensive - around $40 I believe (differences from the Sendec are - they smaller with bigger numbers to read and they flash the date that was installed upon starting the bike). It probably won't matter what hour meter you buy. They will all do what they are intended to to (haven't ever heard of a bad one).

SenDec either from their site or Dr.D since 2003 for me. Check the TT store first and support our site. They support us.


I bought a SenDec off Ebay for 18 bucks... it's the Sears lawnmower variety, but it works just fine. The only difference is the display flashes at 20 hour intervals when you are supposed to change the oil.

If that 06 has the same spark plug cap/coil setup the 07 does placing the pick up wire is tricky. I was able to make my 07 work by coiling it around the base of the coil, just above the rubber gasket. Only able to get two or so turns but it works. GL

I've had a Sendec on my '06 since it was about 3 engine hours old. Bought it off eBay for $20 or so... it has the tach. built in... and it hasn't missed a beat.

I installed it on the frame, right side, in front of the fuel tank, ran the 'sender wire' down the frame with the other cables that are there, wrapped it around the spark plug cover 3 or 4 times and secured the wire to itself with a small zipty.

I also was used to setting my idle by ear, but after installing a Rekluse and dealing with specific clutch engagement settings, it is useful to have the tach there to get more accurate idle readings.


Remember the installation date and time.

Have one on my bike and it is the goods.

Sears/Sendec 25.00 bucks


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