Surprisingly little oil debate

Just about every other forum I've been on whether car or motorcycle has lots of oil related threads and debates. I'm surprised how few there are here, considering some of the issues that might be oil related on the XRLs, such as several threads regarding oil starvation to the head and high running temps. I mentioned this a while back and there didn't seem to be too much of a response, but the manual (at least on the 07) says the preferred oil weight is 10-30. I did a search on 10-30 and didn't find one post, so I'm assuming very few guys are using it. I must admit it gives me the creeps to put such a thin oil in there:eek: , but maybe it's the best thing. The oil line going to the head looks pretty thin to me and I've always heard that a thinner oil has better cooling properties.

For over 30 years all I use is Castrol GTX 20-50, I tried the Honda GP oil and all I can say is .. it costs more.

For what it's worth, back when we started on the club roadracing scene, one of the guys worked in a oil analysis lab. We took three different oils, petro car stuff, petro bike stuff, and a well know semi-synth. The petro car stuff had the least amount of wear particles, and other negative factors, that are used for oil analysis. The only real difference between them was price, and shift feel.

Since that time, I've noticed the XRL, as well as the XR600R I had, seemed to run cooler with the full synth. Amsoil is my choice for a variety of reasons, but one of the things I like is getting information from the tech guys there. If you have application question, they'll give you the test info based on what they've learned about it.

Good stuff.

I would have never thought to try the Rotella, until seeing it here, and other threads posted here, before. I have a hard time changing oils, once I find one I like....I'm sure you all can relate.

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