Milky White paste in my crankcase

I have a 2004 yz450f and i went to change the oil yester day and when i took off the oil filler cap i noteced some white paste on the plug. so i took the left cover off and it was just pasted in white goo. I dont know if it is my oil that im using it's royal purple synthetic max cycle. any help would be greatly helpfull thanks.

you got alot of water in the oil I'm thinking, that's what happens to your oil when you get water in it.

is this your first oil change this year?

could be condensation left from winter storage.or you have a head gasket leak

ya thanks ill look into that sombody els said it could be the wate rpump seal too.

Can't be the water pump seal. If it leaks, the coolant runs into a space between the impeller shaft oil seal and the coolant seal. That space leads out to the hole below the water pump.

The leak points are:

Head gasket

Cylinder base O-ring

Right crankcase cover water passage O-ring

Very rarely, a cracked component or a leaky jacket plug in the cam box.

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