Too little protection with trimmed front fender?

I'm considering trimming the front fender on my XRL mainly for appearance. Anyone notice a difference in water or mud spray from front wheel when trimming say about five inches?

I see no difference except the front tip twists/shakes less at high speeds. I cut mine 2 1/2".

I have a acerbis supermoto fender and Yes it does have an terrible amount of back spray with wet roads.


Hey there,

I trimmed my XRR front fender about 5 inches and I notice no difference with regards to water spray. It did a fine job keeping mud off me on my last ride also, and it was MUDDY. Looks much better than stock. I also trimmed the rear of the fender about 3 inches to help with the cooling.


I put an XR400 front fender on my L (perfect fit) and I cut 3 slots in the back to help increase air flow to the head. I think it looks pretty good.:applause:

Not only do they look stupid (IMHO), but you get a lot of back spray and mud in your face.

I cut mine 2 1/2".

Heres a picture. It took the droop out of the fender. (picture is from Delta, PA).


I cut the stock fender on my 06 650L back about 4" on the front, still provides good protection from spray and dirt and looks alot less droopy. The high speed fender wobble is pretty much a thing of the past too.

Good info and as usual, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Obviously whether you cut the FRONT of the front fender or the BACK of the front fender is going to determine whether you get wet.

I trimmed 5" from the front of my XR650L front fender, and drilled four large holes (1.25") at the rear of the fender for a little airflow to engine ... no splatter, etc. thru mud and water so far ... :applause:

I cut mine about 4",very much like the supermoto fenders.there's a little spray when wet but definitley got rid of the high speed buffeting wich is worth the little incovinience.

sweet pic!

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