Packing 650r Stock Muffler?

Anybody add fiberglass packing to the stock muffler to quiet it down after installing the power up kit. I'm thinking about doing the sheetiron ride up North and hear that the forest service will be very strict about decibel levels. I don't want to make the drive and get shut down. I have the HRC power up kit and am going to be close on the sound as is. Thanks for any insight.

the more you pack in there the louder it will be. you have to keep it fluffy in there to absorb the sound. if its packed in all tight it wont be able to dampen the sound.

Ummmmm...i dont have too much experience with this but the stock muffler is a mechanical muffler and i dont understand how you would even get the packing in there cant take it apart?????

One of the benefits of the stock XR650R muffler is that you do not need to re-pack or service it, minus cleaning the tip. It is ulgy for most, but with a drilled out stock tip or an HRC comp tip installed, it will perform as well as all the other aftermarket mufflers out there, minus the eye candy overall. Want to go quiet, get a quiet muffler. :applause:

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