look what I found in my oil strainer.

So I did an oil change today on my YZ426F, and I cleaned the oil strainer for the first time since I've owned the bike. What is this stuff? It appears cloth like or very fine steel wool. Bottom line should I be concerned???? The oil strainer seems to have done it's job, but where does this crap come from?


Lint from shop towels, etc.

wow, i have never seen anything like this before. at least not in my oil strainer.

looks like it is out of the dryer vent.

Lint from shop towels, etc.
Funny I don't remember leaving any inside the cases when I checked the valves???:applause:

meteorite dust. Very common.

you do know your bike has clymidia

you do know your bike has clymidia

It figures, it's been down more than a $2 dollar whore:thumbsup:

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