Checking Stator...

OK guys,, I pulled my Stator... I will be taking it to an electical shop and they will test it.... Does anyone know what kind of numbers this test should produce?????87 xr600r...

RECAP - Bike starts on 2nd or 3rd kick when cold... hard as hell to start after riding it for a while..This is the first step in process of elimination.


its not an official site but the guy seems like he knows what he's talking about. i used his site to help along with a tranny rebuild and it hasn't blown up yet...:applause::excuseme:

The exciter coil resistance should fall between 230 and 320 Ohms. Test between the black/red wire from the stator and chassis ground. Based on your symptoms, I'd be willing to bet this is the problem. Pre-91 XR600 stators are notorious for this. Assuming it is the problem and you plan to keep the bike for a long time to come, replacing the stator with an OEM 91-on unit is a good way to increase reliability.

Will a stator from a 1992 xr 600r work in my 87 xr600r...????

looks a little different????

Will a stator from a 1992 xr 600r work in my 87 xr600r...????

looks a little different????

Yes it will work fine. The ignition coil is wound around two stator poles instead of one. As far as I know all XR600 stators are interchangeable.

One thing about measuring the resistance. I expect yours to measure fine on the bench. You said that it starts fine when cold and it will be cold when being measured. To see if it is bad you need to measure the resistance when it is acting up.

My stator always measured good no matter if it was hot or cold. Even though it measured good it was still bad. I rewound mine as described on the crustyquinns site and now it makes a great spark.

I might be able to get one from a 1992 xr 600r...So it should plug right in and work??? same coil and stock electriacl components for my 87

Call Ricky Stator. They're tech support is awesome, and they'll be able to tell you.


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