07 450 valve check brand brand new

Just checking in after a 7 month departure from TT,. Picked up my 450 last night,and woke up 6:00am this morning.:applause: Intakes were .004 across the board. Exhausts right .008

left loose. 007

Never started,I am going to see where the other valves move after break-in,all the valves are at the bottom of the spec except the left EX, which is below.Bottom of the spec is fine,if I shim the .004 on the intakes it will be .006,at the top. The shims from hot cams are in .05mm which is .002in. difference after you shim. Just got back from first run,if this bike has a mellow hit,I must be even more closer to a senior citizen:excuseme: .Strong all the way through and the bottom is not lacking whatsoever.Do not know if this has been mentioned,when pulling the valve cover, separate the gasket from the cover then pull the cover through the right side of the bike . Then pull the gasket,reverse the procedure when putting the cover on after valve check.Of course take off the head mounts that mouint to the frame and disconnect the hot start.


Shims from a CRF are available in .025 mm increments.

YZF's are deliberately built at the tight edge of the spec range. The only oddball is the .007 you got. Check it again after running it in.

mine are on the tight side but in spec, i agree with gray put 5 hrs on it,

check it again.

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