Looking For Super Motard Parts

I wonderd if anyone knows of companyz which does super moto parts for WR400's because I am looking to do mine over the next few months! Cheers Tom Ireland

Hi Tom and Bonjour,

Check the french Yamaha catalog, they're plenty of accesories to put it in SuperMotard vers, Wheels, brake, etc, etc.

Mine is actually in this version, take a look to : http://mrclean.free.fr/motodes.htm

at the bottom, check the Perte Pan bike, that's mine :-)



Bonjour Vince:

Where can I find "the french Yamaha catalog"?? Is it on line?

I have a 320mm Braking disk, but need to make a bracket for my caliper - is that what you did to your WR?

Thanks - Kevin (England)

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