Ridin in Idaho (lewichris)

lewichris: what part of Idaho are you from? Is there a lot of public land there to Ride? I just got back from Salmon a couple of weeks ago (hockey) and thought the area would be great for dirt bikes but didn't know how much of the land was private. Here in Wyoming, The boy and i can go a hundred miles in any direction without any fences or paved roads.

I enjoy the power of my son's Yz250f but would like manageable on the low end, does a wr run ok if it ain't balls to the wall?

Blake, there is a ton of open space up here both desert and mountain. Come north to Jackson hole (approx. 150 miles for you) and head to Idaho Falls. Between Jackson and Idaho Falls there is a range called the Big Holes. Excellent riding, and the trials are maintained by our local club (Idaho Falls Trail Machine Association) There is a dealer for every type of bike in Idaho Falls which is less than 20 miles away. You can enjoy an awesome ride in the Centenial mountains, Beaverhead, Medicine Lodge, or Sand dunes (500 ft high)area near St. Anthony too.

So, where can we ride in Feb, Mar, April down near you?

Not much riding till april here! to Cold this winter. but when the weather breaks the riding is unlimited. south is the flaming gorge and little mtn area with lots of high desert hills and valleys. north is the wind river range with high country trail riding. We also have sand dunes that stretch a 100 miles to Rawlins. Lots of BLM land. Our alt. is 6300 ft. which robs some power but the riding is excellent.


hey here in north idaho the riding could be endless. Lots i mean lots of riding. You just have to know someone (like me) to show you what is rideable. Basically every trail and road here in the mountians is open. there are several ORV parcks to ride if you want or you can go for a 6 mile ride, fill up with gas and have a burger at the famous Snakepit then ride back home. There is a ton of area. i am up north on I-90. tons of mountians here to ride on. As far as getting a WR you wouldn't be happier. you will love it. Ask anyone. And ou dont have to worry about noise restrictions here thank god. cause you are in the middle of nowhere. but boy is it beautiful. let me know if you all want to come up and ride. I can show you some great stuff with the help of my buddies. You just let me know. I will give you my contact info.

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