Pool of oil under my new YZ450

After only about 7 hrs of fairly tame MX riding on my new '07 YZ540F, I noticed a large pool of oil under the bike the other day. Looks like the seal on my rear shock is leaking severely :applause:. I spoke to my suspension guy about dropping it off on Monday to repair and he said "ya know, I just fixed the rear shocks on two others bikes like yours with the same problem - don't know what's causing them to fail so soon".

Has anybody else had this problem?

No one I know has had that happen. Did your suspension guy do anything to the shock before this happened or is it stock? If stock I think I would be talking to my dealer and or Yamaha. Good luck!!

Stock shock. Bought the bike on-line through TT in January. I'm well past the 30 day warranty period, so it's probably on my nickel.

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