Stubby Hands

Fellow Rooster,

I will admit, I have a problem.

My hands have too much meat on them and it's difficult to lift my bike with the slot under the seat. Riding on Vancouver Island, BC Canada requires a lot of lifting over logs. The problem is the riding is all rock and logs which burns out a rear tire very quickly. Everytime I'm stuck on a log and try to spin over the obsticle, I end up smoking the tire. My solution was a dog leash. I tie strapped it under the frame and over the seat and it works great. Instead of lifting the bike and swinging the tire over the logs, I just grab the leash and pull. I'm done and over while other guys are busting there back. My one buddy Johnny 5 is out of circulation for a couple of weeks because he had to lift his bike so much on one of our rides that he is constantly hurting his back. Not me, I'm still riding and I'm faster in the rough stuff. Photos are available to those who feel the need to keep there back in good running order.

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