OEM or aftermarket clutch on WR400??

I just got out last wekend for the first ride this year and had the clutch start to slip at the end of the ride.. I took them into work had the frictions checked and they were .20 below low end spec in book but the steels I got lucky on they were not warped or damnged. I guess what I am asking is it better to stay with factory parts, or can I use aftermarket if I can use after market then what are some good brands??? if I go to after market should i get the whole kit including steels and springs or can I use factory steels with aftermarket frictions? I want to get out cheap but I don't want to sacrafice quailty to get a cheap price. I will pay the higher price if needed but before I did that I thought i would come on here and ask you guys

I have never had good luck with any aftermarket clutch plates. Stock is best

OEM plates are hard to beat...SC

Thanks guys that is what every one else has told me

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