Big problem on my yz450 '07 broken crankase

Today i was racing on my region championship where i live, and at one time the gear dosen't go in, and the bike stop. I look on my bike and i see the crankcase broken.My is a 07 yz450f, the same problem happen to some one????? Thanks if some one can help about this.

did the bike lock up and stall while riding? and kick starter locked up ? its possible . one of your gears is coming apart.. yes you have to split the cases to fix.. but it could also be something else

The bike start whit no problem, but have a hole in the back side of the crankcase and the gear dosent work.

You don't have any options. You need to take it apart and repair as necessary.

What i am asking if some one have the same problem on gear, i know i have to repair, i just ask if some one happen the same.

There have been a small number of people who have had problems with a failure in the starter gear train. These gears turn full time, and if something goes through them, or they break, they can damage the cases. However, if I understand you correctly, the engine starts and runs OK, but will not move. If the problem was in the starter gears, this would not be true.

Sorry to hear about your gearbox ...

Sounds like a new case for you..

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