Dirt Rider YZ450 Article

Today I was finally getting around to reading the article on the 2003 YZ450F in the February Dirt Rider. When I turned to page 30, to my surprise, is a picture of a motorcycle that was a big part of my life during the mid to late 80s.

As some of you may know, Tree Hugger here on ThumperTalk is my father. The yellow motorcycle on page 30, number 22, is a bike Tree Hugger built from the ground up in the living room of our house.

Its kind of cool to see that bike again in an article about a future bike. Way to go Pops!

[ February 03, 2002: Message edited by: Ron in SoCal ]

grin.gifRon, I had no idea that treehugger was your pops!!! Cool man cool. I dug that Dirt Rider out of the trash to see the bike, very cool!!!!!!

See ya

Hey man, that's too cool! I saw a complete article about that bike, I think it was on offroad.com. That bike was definitly a valiant effort for an "in-house" (Literaly) project.


Thats my boy! Isn't he great? :):D


I remember you sending me pics of some of the bikes your Pops built. I have the DR Article also :):D:D


Ron, yup, old Tree Hugger did good. I would much rather see his handy work than him in red flannel underware though! :):D I sure wish I would have known him when I had my TT500. Maybe he could have shown me how to shave a ton or so weight off of it! :D

I just wanted to bring this thread back to the top, just incase anyone missed it the first time. Just the kind of guy I am. :):D

"T-H", I can relate to "lil-Ronny", I too have a close relationship with my "pops" aswell. He wasn't as crazy as you once were (hybrid thumpers hand crafted in your living room) but we ride together all of the time. Here's a picture of my dad and brother working on their bikes. Pretty cool.


Hello Dan, I am sorry, but I couldn't get it up, the picture that is. I am glad to hear about your relationship with your father. Father and son relationships are one of the most beautiful events that can happen in a life time. I value mine with Ron more than anything else.

And then, there is the sport of motorcycling that I also like. I used to call it "DIAL A THRILL" and then my body wore out. Now I am Street Rodder, no helmet required.

Tell your father that he is a lucky man and that I said Hi.

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