how can i tune my wr 426 up with out haveing to buy kits for it

i have a wr 426 whats the best way to tune it up with out haveing to buy jets an kits for it. i just want to use tools. it has a fmf titanium 4 exhaust system. p.s is it normal for these bikes to get realy hot ???

any one help thanks matt

Tuning without jets, needles, etc? Not gonna happen unless you are the luckiest man in the world and only ride when the temperature and elevation are in a narrow window. It sounds like your are very new to WR's. My advice is to read the stickies, explore the accompanying links and use the search engine. You'll learn a lot...SC

Rejetting the carburator is quite easy and well worth the few bucks you will have to spend. The JD kit is worth every penny. Check the stickies regarding free mods, as well as the one that lists people's bikes and setups. Look for someone with the same bike, at the same approximate elevations, temperatures and humidity and copy their settings if you care too.

The bike has SO MUCH more potential when properly tuned, which really means jetting. Good to have you aboard.

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