first 06' Oil change question

Getting ready to change the oil on my new 06' after break in. I was wondering if an oil filter for an 01' 426 is compatible for my new 06'. Looked in the book for a part #, but no luck. Thanks!!


Dont bother with the paper filters switch to the Ready Racing oil filter.......That way you can wash it and reuse it over and over. Plus it pays for its self after a few oil changes.

The answer to your question is yes, it will fit. But you shouldn't use the OEM brass filters in your 450. Read this:

and also this:

As far as the stainless filters go, Scotts is still the best one you can buy, and IMO is worth the price difference.

I was woundering if they'd fit also. My brother has the 426, and I have the 06 450. I placed the two fiters side by side and one of the filters is about 1 mm larger (longer) I wouldn't think that this would make a huge difference, but it was enough to keep me from using one of my filters in my brothers bike.(just in case):applause:

Scotts makes one filter for YZF's from 1998-2007.

Thanks gray.....hoping to hear a nice filter review such as that!! Just want to take good care of the new baby as I love it so far!!

3rd yammie (99' 400f, 01' 426, 06' 450) and could not be happier!!


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