07 WR Owners- Beware of Chain tensions!!!

I recently bought a 07 WR450F and replace the original chain with a Rental Gold O ring. After the first ride with the new chain I noticed the outer part of the chain was rubbed off. After investigating, I realized the chain was too loose and had been contacting the case saver just above the front sprocket. I was pretty bummed out because it was a new chain. I used my 2-3 finger tension "guide" I use for my 01 Wf250F. Apparently my guide is too loose, though it was on the ~3" finger mark. After looking more, the chain not only was hitting the case guard, it was also hitting the sub frame, and frame. It carved a nice slice into each one... So watch out, I got lucky because when I got the bike I immediately removed the cheap plastic front sprocket guard for easy cleaning, and if I did not notice the gold vanishing, no telling how much damage would have been done. The frame has about a 1/16" grove cut out :applause:

Not just 07 owners but everyone should be aware of chain tensions. Obviously if the tension is out of speck damage will occur. Thats a no brainer. By the way since they changed the position of the engine for 07 the chain tension specs have changed from prior years. Make sure you check your manual.

Of course chain maintenance is a no brainier, but my point is that their is a tension difference between the Yamaha bikes, so beware...I want to point out that the Aluminum Frames are squared off so it makes it pretty easy for a chain to cut into versus the steel rounded off sub frame, and frame. Some chains stretch during a ride and with these new frames you will see damage. I am going to make a frame guard for the inside that will hopefully keep the chain off when it does get loose while riding...

Yea i had to lay my 07 over to get under a tree and rubbed the frame real hard. I too am going to install some kind of guard. Good heads up

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