Need help with mod for 07 wr450

Hi guys, I got the bike broke in now. I took the pea shooter out of the muffler and now I'm going to put a switch on the grey wire and cut the throttle stop screw. My question is with the carb. Can I get away with these mod's without rejetting? I really dont want to get into rejetting right now. Maybe later if I get a pipe. I trail ride mostly in the CA central valley just above sea level and dont ride as hard as I use to. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Oh ya, Where is the throttle stop screw on the carb?

If you're running in California near sea level, you're running lean without mods. With mods it's even worse. So yes, you need to rejet or run a risk of burning up your top end...SC

just get the gytr kit and removel all the ais crap, and you will be happy. I picked up my bike this week took all the junk off, installed the kit with and FMF Q4. All i can tell you is it runs very well.

The stop screw faces rearward / slightly downward, a black cap allen head, oppisite of the throttle cable input. Your gonna love the access!!!! I used the JD kit, well worth the dollars. I live in San Diego, ride dez and mountains and i used the RED needle not the Blue (rich sputters mid range) Good Luck

AIS removal kit ($40) and install per the instructions. You won't need to touch it again.

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