Picked up new WR450 2006

I picked up the bike a last week. I got it at a nice price just over 5k before tax. This is my first Yamaha since I started riding in 1968. Its been all Honda and one Bultaco. I have always liked the wr. I have only had a chance to ride around the back yard and so far I like it well. The dealer did the throttle stop and I pulled the snorkle today. I'm thinking about ordering the PMB exhaust insert. Its important that it is quiet. For those using this insert any feedback would appreciated. I'm also looking at skid plates, frame gaurds, rad gaurds, scotts damper to mention a few. Any input on accessories that have worked well would also be appreciated. Thanks for your help.

In addition to what you're already thinking about, pick up a set of good aluminum handguards. For the rest you can do searches and find what most people like, but I'll give you the abbreviated version of the popular favorites:

skid plate - Utah Sport Cycle (also sold by Moose)

frame guards - take your pick, they mostly just protect the paint

rad guards - Unibiker (TT'er made, they're the hands-down favorite)

dampner - Scotts (opt for the sub-mount if you're much over 6')

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