Whats it worth, 2004 xr650L

04 xr650l the usual mods, full exhaust, rack, pegs, chain guide, shark fin, tank w/ billet cap, case saver, triple clamp protapers, fork brace. with 10565 miles on odometer.

Book value $3400 high $2500 low

Parted out on ebay $4900 less ebay and pay pal fees of $630 plus handling fees on 80 plus items $240, netted $4510. I still have a few parts that did not sell, plus the frame, so this is not the final tally, but close.

Worth it? you bet

I paid $3200 for the bike.

This has been only the second time I have come out of a bike deal ahead!

Now I have the money to get my son his brand new KTM SX65, for AMA races, plus a used one for practice!

So yes I am out of the BRP game for now, I will keep an eye out for a cheap all stock bike in the future.

Just thought I would share this info with you, in case your considering selling your BRP, chances are its worth more in parts.

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