new guy here with a question..

Hi to everyone.. I just bought an 03 YZF450 and so far with only one ride I love it. I need an owners manual for it. Anyone know where I might locate one? I've always been a sport bike rider so I'm a bit clueless with this bike. Any help would be appreciated.



Your best bet for hard copy is probably eBay.

You can, however, pull down an electronic copy here:

You may also want to know that I got that link from the Common Threads "sticky" that sits at the top of this forum's index. There's a reason it says, "look here first"; some of the most common issues are right there.

Welcome to Thumper Talk, and enjoy your '03 :applause:

Thanks for the assistance. I did a search and it found nothing for me.

Thanks again.

ebay? or you can go down to the local dealer

I picked a jobber version from Amazon for my 426 it seems to be pretty in depth.

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