Why is my LR Tank Knocking?

I have just fitted an Acerbis LR Fuel Tank to my 98' XR600 only now the steering knocks on it mostly on the indicator mount brackets. Is this normal, has anyone else had this drama and how do I overcome it, I'm thinking maybe having to start by changing/modifying the indicator mount brackets, any advice? thanks

Can the bars be moved up and away alittle or maybe bar risers.

It happens on my 650R. Just make sure bolts and sharp metal edges are not chewing up the tank and you are good to go. I had to reverse the bolts on my bark busters.

I don't think I can move the bars enough to recify it, might have to modify the indicator mount brackets for a start and see how we go, thanks for the advice.

I've been reading that the Acerbis tanks can interfere with full lock to lock handlebar movement. Do a search on it - someone came up with an alternate way to mount their turn signals to get around it.

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