03 WR450 choke issue

Alright guys I admit I'm a total newb when it comes to ripping a carb apart so hopefully this wont prompt a sea of flames:

My Choke will not stay pulled out, as soon as I pull it out it pops back in.

Any Idea what I need to replace/adjust?

It's getting warmer and I'm going loco...

You probably just need to clean it up good. The whole choke will thread out of the carb and you can clean the passages as well as the plunger. Hope this helps.



Did you get it fixed?

Not yet, I currently rent in the city so I'm in the process of coordinating some garage time with a buddy. Hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend, if not I'll order the JD jetting kit and go bat sh*t nuts, shim the valves etc in the near future.

The only legal place to ride in the state is still shut down due to the flooding caused by the monsoon style beat-down we received the last few months.

Man I wish I had a SM610 waiting in my car port for me.

i had the exact same problem with my choke a couple of months ago, i bought a replacement plunger from thumpertalk OEM for about $10.

the plastic that held the choke out wore away and would not hold anymore.

Sweet! I'll put an order in for that. $10 is a cheap insurance policy since it looks like I'll get the JD needles from TT as well. Thanks for the input and I'll keep you posted...

So do you have the 450X in addition to the WR?

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