EJQ needle part #

What is the part # for the EJQ needle please?

Dan't find it in the fiche.


i hope you're not going to put one of those on your bike are you?

tell me it's for giving to your arch rival, one D. Dastardly.



I currently have a DVR on 4. 200MAJ, 75PAJ, 155MJ, 42PJ, Pilot screw 2 turns out. This was before the grey wire mod and soon BK mod, (I plan on doing it tonight once my drill charges.) I live at 6000ft. Didn't actually time the accelorator pump but it was definitely a LONG duration.

While searching, all the others that live at this altitude were recomending EJQ or EKP. I also plan on putting in a 160 MJ. It is my understanding that this mod really leans the mixture. Increasing the main jet richens the mixture, right? As for the needle,I understand the code, but really have no way of knowing which one to begin with.

Does this sound CRAZY!!!



going from a D series to an E series, you are going to be richer at the top end so that 155MJ should come down to a 150MJ-if it's been running ok up to now.

JD knows that i recommend the EMM or EMN for sea level. at higher altitudes maybe a N or a P so EKN or EKP.


I couldn't find a 150 so I got a 152. I will see how that works. Where can I get an EKP, the dealers don't carry it.

Dan :)

EKP is Yamaha part number 5JG-14916-EP

EKQ is Yamaha part number 5JG-14916-E1

Taffy is pointing you in the right direction to reduce the main jet when going to an "E" needle. It seems you are already lean now considering the main air jet is stock. Experiment a little to see if a 152 or 158 is better.



Thank you,

I gave the Dealers the part # and they say it is not in their system. So they can't get it. Where else, somebody sells it! :)



Do a search on EMN or EMP and look for posts with my username. I provided Larry some of these part numbers a few months ago, Nov-Dec timeframe.

The vendor for them is Sudco. They sell the all brass needles which are way cheaper than the coated Yamaha parts. Search the archives for Sudco and you will find their 800 number.

I was playing around with jetting several months ago and left off with the settings you see in my sig. They work very well with the fairly restrictive euro exhaust. Sudco will also have any jets you need too.


I found the threads you were talking about and I ordered the EMN and EMP needles. I also ordered 150 and 152 Main Jets cause that was what Taffy recommended.

I hope to get to Pueblo this weekend to see how it runs.

Dan :)

dan i recommend those jets with the #160MAJ. without it you should add 10 so it's 160/162


James Dean,

I went to the dealer, they said that the part # you gave me is for a EVP needle.

I called SUDCO, they have the EMN and EMP on Back order. I will order a 160 MJ.


Dan :)


Your dealers fiche is wrong. I've been through this many times. The part number is only correct in the shop manual. Look in the '00YZ426 or '02YZ250F manuals. If you ordered it you WOULD get EKP or EKQ. :)



I'd be curious to hear about your results using the EKN and/or EKP needles. I have an EKQ (see below in the "sig") and the bike runs great (with a 162 main). Hopefully, when things warm up a bit here, I'll get to try them myself and see. But obviously any headstart that I can get would be helpful...

Drop me a personal message or post your results (I started a thread several months ago entitled "High altitude jetting" or something like that.

Thanks in advance!


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