88 xr600 Suspension upgrade

Hi all newbie in search of advise this weekend bought 88 xr600 the suspension is really soft and the adjustment on the rear seems to do nothing what aftermarket / oem option do I have for replacement or is rebuilding the way to go / possible

Sounds like you need stiffer springs. That will help a lot.

Your bike has damper rod forks. That means there is no high speed circuit in them. All they have is a fixed size hole for the oil to flow through. The first time you hit a big bump at speed you will know what that means. It hurts. A front end from a 1991 or later XR600 will have a cartridge fork. They are the same diameter so they slip right in. Not sure on front wheel or brake caliper compatibility. I'm sure that the front axle got larger in 1992.

Another possibility is a "cartridge emulator." Basically the emulator replaces the fixed size hole in the damper rod with a device that has a high speed circuit. I have ridden a bike with them and they do help a lot.

For a more involved procedure, some have fitted more modern upside down forks from more modern MX bikes. This requires different triple clamps and other work. It has been described in this forum on several occasions. Search on USD in this forum to read more.

The options are a little less for the rear. It most likely needs a rebuild anyway so send it in for a rebuilding/revalving and get a spring suited for your weight.

cleonard thanks for the advise just what I was looking for do you have a favorite shop to send the rear out to and get rebuild

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