05 WR450 Chain slap

Is this a common occurance to be able to hear the chain slap during riding? Its pretty loud. I didn't see that it was causing any problem but after riding a DRZ400 for a while I am not used to hearing that.

Any other issues with that year I should know about? I am looking to buy a used bike.



I could hear the same thing on the '04 that I recently purchased. I did a search here and found it suggested that the noise could be "fixed" by unbolting the chain guard, putting silicone adhesive under it, and then bolting it back down. I just did the top 1/2 of mine and the noise is 95% gone.

Likely the chain slap you speak of is the chain slider at the front of the swingarm rattling around. Common complaint amongst WR riders. Either get used to it (as it disguises some of the rattle from the engine) or do like I did (Someone elses suggestion from last year) and remove the bolts, clean the area underneath and apply some silicone. Allow it to dry then tighten the bolts down. Voila... no more noise:applause:

Good luck and thanks to whoever suggested it to me!! Can't lay claim to that one...


maybe if I had of kept it short and sweet I might have beaten you to the punch OLDMAN!!! jk:p

Check the inside of the aluminum sub-frame member next to the chain. Ensure that the chain isn't rubbing on this frame member--- common problem with no real correction. Some people have zip tied a piece of aluminum L channel to the sub-frame to act as a rubbing block--- change the L channel when the chain eventually cuts through it. New sub-frames are pricey.

maybe if I had of kept it short and sweet I might have beaten you to the punch OLDMAN!!! jk:p

Yep...the oldman gits r done again :applause:

Also while you have the guide off, take the washers off of the bolts, set them in a socket that is just large enough to catch the edges and tap it with a hammer so it's cone shaped. Install it cone shape down and it will hold the guide in place more securely. I did this mod on both my 02 426 and my sons 04 yz450 and it helps.

My 426 does it when I let some one else ride it. It only occurs when they chug the motor in too high a gear, but sence I dont hear it when I ride as the motors usally in the upper rpm range, It hasnt been a problem. If im feeling ambitious when its time to replace the chain, ill try the silicon trick :applause:

unbolting the chain guard, putting silicone adhesive under it, and then bolting it back down. I just did the top 1/2 of mine and the noise is 95% gone.

Are you guys talking about the plastic swingarm protector that wraps around the front of the swingarm?

I would love to get rid of the noise. Only complaint I have about the bike is the chain slap noise

You should do the silicon mod even if you are not hearing the chain slap. The lilicon will help cushion the impact from the chain slap. I have heard of cracked swingarms from the chain. I think this was on older models though.

I have never noticed much of this except if the chain needs to be adjusted.I run mine with 1 3/4" slack between the bottom of the chain and the last top bolt on the swingarm guard.Good idea on the silicone though, I'm going to try it to see if its quieter.

I used two sided tape on the top & coned the washers, worked great. If nothing is done the chain slider will wear all the way through the swing arm.

I'm having that problem too. Im going to throw some silicone on it and see if it helps. I also noticed that my chain has been eating away at my subframe :applause: Is there any other way that I can stop that? Tightenthe chain more perhaps?

yeah I really don't like the chewing thats happening either. Maybe a peice of polyurethane???

I looked the the subframe a bit, I think if you could get part of a rubber mat or something you could zip-ty it on and that might stop/slow down the wear completely. I have yet to try it out. :applause:

This is not slap on the slider the chain will actually hit the subframe, and even the frame just slightly ahead of the subframe. I also have the problem and it has nothing to do with the chain being in adjustment or not. It will hit the subframe even if the chain is way too tight. Yamaha will do nothing about it and they claim it is not common. Yamaha and the dealer totally ignored me and finally refused to even talk about it. I built a 1/16 thick bent piece of SS into a "U" or 3/4 tube notched the top inside corners to zip ty it in place. I also wrapped the subframe in black tape to protect it from the plate rubbing. It has not worn through yet, but it does show continual impact. Yes if you lug it it will hit more, but there is no way to avoid this if you ride any technical or trails. Does not hit much on the fast open stuff. Keep the chain adjusted, build a guard and that is all you can do.

well thats a load of :applause: Yamaha doesn't think its a big deal because everyone is buying new subframes :applause:

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