Damn Helmet is too loose...how to fix?

Hoping to tap into a wealth of rider knowledge here...I recently purchased a Shoei VFX-DT Fonseca helmet, size large. I've had two previous Shoe VFX-Air helmets size Large and they fit great.

This one was nice and snug when I tried it on but after a dozen rides now it's loose enough that it pushes my goggles down the bridge of my nose and rides too low in the front...it's not so loose that im swimming in it...but it should be tighter for safety. Maybe I had more hair on my head when I tried it on :applause: I am gettting older and balder :excuseme:

I called Shoei today and they want to sell me thicker cheek pads and crown liner for a total of $74.00 + shipping.

Of course that's a cheap price to pay for your noggin' but there has got to be an equally effective way to snug this helmet up without spending that much cash.




you could wear a nit hat?

Try one of those maxi pads with wings....


They do make riding beanies that are made out of that sweat X material that might work and take up some of that extra space. But its not a bad idea to get the new cheek pads so you do have a properly fit helmet. Thats an expesive helmet and $75 is alot cheaper than buying a new one.

IMO you shouldn't compromise with your head.

buy them

Try one of those maxi pads with wings....


I tried that already but it made me all cranky and tired and my ears started bleeding. :excuseme:

Spend the money and do it right. Helmet fit is too important.

Spend the money and do it right. Helmet fit is too important.

+1 to that.

Although irrelevant, what is your head size in cm?

If you still have the old Shoei helmets and you're not using them, take the liner out of one and sew it on top of the new liner. I have done this on a Shoei and the fit is snug.

I thought I had read, heard or seen something about a company that makes pads that stick inside of your helmet, under the liner.

Im heading into Tustin tomorrow with my helmet and they will let me try a couple of different pad configuations; crown liner & cheek liner, before I purchase.

Thanks for the input though...


Wrap your head like a mummy with Charmin??? Its the softest!!!! Get a helmet that fits Sizes arent guaranteed everytime to be exact.

Grow some really long hair, and tuck it into your helmet to take up the extra space.

My Arai loosened up a little over time, now I wear a sweat cap inside. It keeps the helmet drier and cleaner, and the liner-cap is easy to rinse out after every ride. Here's a LINK to DoWrap. I wear the SweatVac Stubby or Ventilator.


start clearing 140 ft triples. That would make my head bigger for sure.




you made me laugh out loud at work...thanks!

Buy A New Helmet That Is Tight, It Will Slowly Loosen Up

Bonds had the same issue & the good folks from BALCO were able to help.

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