Crashing sucks - need bike setup suggestions

Ok, so I've never really had a problem with riding sanding orv trails until this year. Yesterday my front end kept washing out and I went down a couple of times, one was not good. I have a WR 426 and this year I changed the bars to RC High bends and fooled around with the front clickers a little, a couple clicks more rebound and compression from stock. So the whole crashing thing sucked pretty bad and I need to setup my bike for maximum stability in the sand.

What would you suggest? Steering damper or maybe get my suspension setup by someone who actually knows what they are doing? I have a pirelli MT44 Sand tire in the front and a kenda trackmaster in the rear, both are new. Right now I will not ride the bike again until I get it figured out.

If something here I said doesn't make sense it's probably due to my melon injury.


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