83 XR500R has no forum home

Can a XR500 fit in here?

Can a XR500 fit in here?

It's either here or the vintage forum. Both places will have good info. Your 83 was the first year of the design that became the XR600 and the XR650L.

Can a XR500 fit in here?

Welcome brother. (XR350)

And just WHAT IS the freaking problem with adding 350 between 250/400?????


PS - probably find more info on the vintage site. JMO

Can a XR500 fit in here?

This is your home... without the introduction of your bike we all would not be here today talking about our 600's, 650L's, and R's... Some of us here should actually remember when this bike hit the showroom. :applause:

Eks-Arr Five Hundred.

got a real nice ring to it!

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