93' 600R - similar to newer XRl's??

I'm looking for something to cruise around the dirt roads/northern two tracks up here in MI, and have come across a 93 XR600R for about a grand - which to me seems reasonable. I haven't had a bike in a few years, but my last bike was a CR250 - and I've road a newer XR-l and thought it was kinda down on power.....is the 93 R model basically the same as the newer L models?? Just trying to determine if this bike is worth my time to go look at.

Also, anyone have a guesstimate as far as MPG goes......the bike may end up doubling as an around town commuter bike as well.....

I own a '93 XR600R. I picked mine up for $800.00 in running condition. Granted, I have put quite a bit into it at this point in time. I would say that for $1G, if it runs well you could easily buy and try it out. If you don't like it, I can guarantee you can sell it for more than you pay for it.

If you think this bike will be down on power.. You have not ridden it yet. With just a few simple mods, that bike will be a screamer. The biggest thing to do right off the bat is to jet it. Jetting will really wake the bike up.

I have put new exhaust, new cam, jetted it, new air filter, and will soon put a pumper carb on it as I hear this is the only other thing that will show a significant performance increase.

You won't go wrong buying that bike-UNLESS-it has problems. Then it can be expensive to repair.

If it smokes or makes engine noises I would look for another bike.

I would spend a few more bucks an buy a 650L if you are going to ride it on the street.

I have a stock XR600 with the baffle pulled. Most of my riding is from 3,000-7,000 feet.

Puttering around in the desert/fire roads I get about 45mpg. "At speed" in the desert I get about 25-30 mpg.

A big tank is readily available on TT and eBay. I got an IMS tank from a TTer for $75.


The 650L engine is detuned compared to the 600R. The L is 8.6:1 compression and the R is 9.0:1. Both respond well to breathing enhancements and jetting.

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