Pinging question

I have a yz426f and i am using 93 octane gas which is premium over hear and i can still hear pinging in my engine buts its not really that loud and i been riding it like this for about a year is this ok that i am stilling hearing it or should i use higher octane gas thanks for the help.

Tell me specifically, under what circumstances do you hear this noise? How fast is the engine going, what gear you're in, what you're doing with the throttle, stuff like that.

whenever i am runing the engine in idle i can hear it .

That's what I thought you would say. It isn't pinging. Most likely it's just the typical raucous clatter of a healthy YZF. Compare with another one.

Pinging will occur first at low RPM's in gear under a fairly heavy throttle load. Don't confuse it with chain slap.

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