Selling suspension?

anyone selling some 91 or later cartridge forks for an xr600 peferably ones already resprung and valved?

nobody has any left over from a usd swap?

I have two front ends off '93 XR600's. I am not using either one, I made a three wheeler out of the bikes. Only problem is I am in KS...I don't know what it costs to ship forks, but if you look into it let me know and I'd be happy to get rid of them cheap. I don't know if they are any good since I have only ridden mine as a three wheeler (Honda ATC350X forks). I can get some pics of them if you are interested. Thanks,


There is always ebay.

You may need a new front wheel too. The axle got bigger and I think that happened in 92.

yeah when i bought a new rim i had to buy a 2000 case excel didnt make a 89 anymore shipping is taken care of i have a ups account just tell me what you want for both sets or individual and you wouldnt happen to have the rear as well would you? pm me me some pics and we'll go from there

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