Anyone Have A Right Radiator???

I need a right radiator for a 01 or 02 yz 426f, i crashed and now it leaks bad...... and the right one is the one with the cap.......make me an offer and thanks, oh and it has to be in good condition and work

Have you tried Mylers? I hear that they can fix most of the damaged ones. I have not had to use them yet.

Mylers About $80 with a two day turn around, plus shipping time.

okay, i will try them, unless someone has one that is cheaper than what they will fix it for

Mylers About $80 with a two day turn around, plus shipping time.

They didnt charge me that much! I believe they charge the amount depending on what the damage is. I still have the reciept here at the house somewhere. If I remember it was just 40 some dollars and it was my rad with the cap side. They welded the leak I had in it>>>> Another guys handle done mine when we were going around the first turn after the gate dropped. I was on the left side of him and we were both going for the inside when we hit and I got off balance and he fell into me and his handle bar hit my rad and bent one of the channels the water runs through. I tried to straighten it out with a screwdriver and it started leaking. Fount Mylars in back of a dirtrider mag and I sent it to them on a tuesday and had it back on friday>>> They welded it up and I have had no problems with it since. I would recomend them.:applause:

yah mylers charged me 40 to straighten my right side radiator.Its more if they have to weld and even more if they have to fix the fill neck.I am really impressed with there work.

Mine was $75, but it was rather badly jacked up. Big twist, and the outer and inner frames were pulled part way off in a couple places. It didn't look new when I got it back, but it didn't look any worse than the old one on the other side that had no damage, either.

Make a few phone calls to local radiator shops. I had a local guy repair a mangled/leaking radiator off a YZ250 I am rebuilding. $45.00 and it's as good as new.

Best thing to do is>>>>> If you know where the leak is and know where the hole is also,find someone with a Heli-arc welder also called a tig welder(Tungston inert gas) and get them to weld the hole up. That is what mylers done to mine....... They done a good job fixing the hole but could have done a neeter job welding it. I tig welded for seven years and could have made a prettier weld than they did my first week of welding. But I dont have a tig so I sent it to them..... But hey! they fixed it and its been fine since and I cant complain.

Sent you a PM

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