first race on 07 450

I know I'm labeled as a newbie, but I have been using TT as a resource for a long time. I raced a 02 426 for 5 years with ALOT of help from TT and it's members. I guess you could say I'm quiet, but I have to share my experience this weekend.

I picked up a 07 450 a week ago on saturday and broke it in on the next day. The bike felt good but I was trail riding and it didn't feel that different from the old 426. :excuseme: I started to question my decision.

I had my first race yesterday and I was very impressed with the bike. The 450 really shined on the track. The suspension is like night and day compaired to my old bike. In my first moto I came out second finshed first and in the second moto I got the hole shot low sided in a 4th gear corner. I got up and was trying to start the bike when everybody passed me. I finally got the bike started (starting has been more difficult than the 426 ) and put my head down. I caught and passed everybody in my class for the win.

So what makes this so special that I had to share and break my silence?!?

I have never won a race in 5 years. The best overall finish I have had is 4th. I even beat a friend (he got me into mx) in the 30+ class that I have never been able to keep up with in practice not to mention racing.

I love this bike :p

If any of you are on the fence trying to decide if the new bike and money is worth it I would have to say YES! :applause:

Thanks TT for all the help and advice over the years.

With Respect,


You didnt by the chance race at bowling green KY. did you! I believe the track name is ballance mx. The United States mega series went to that track about a week ago and that is the series I run in and I race in the 30+ and also the 25+ am class. Let me know


That is a great result for you and the bike... :applause:

captain: no it wasn't ballance but I raced there last year. Awesome track. I plan on racing the "toyota bluegrass classic" aug. 11th race there this year.

The race this weekend was @ podium 1 in charlestown, IN. Very nice track with alot of elevation changes.

congrats on the win.. welcome to the 450 club.. i love my 07..

congrats on the win.. welcome to the 450 club.. i love my 07..

rubbing hands.... can't wait till I get one..

The 05 I have is awesome but from what I keep reading the 07 is night and day better...

I will say this: With very few exceptions, an '06-'07 YZ450F will make anyone faster than they are now.

I will say this: With very few exceptions, an '06-'07 YZ450F will make anyone faster than they are now.


Good for you man! I love my 06. Very smooooth!

Congratulations Chan!

I've been quietly reading TT for a long time as well and never felt i had something to contribute with (considering I was riding KTM 250SX - now for sale)...

Thank you for posting - I think this just convinced me to go for 07 YZ450F!

I will say this: With very few exceptions, an '06-'07 YZ450F will make anyone faster than they are now.

I think the key term is "an '07 YZF will make you smoother, and more confident" which ultimately leads to faster........ I find that I can also ride a bit longer with less fatigue, which also leads to passing more riders later in the moto....

The end result is, you're faster. Point.

I agree bike is much smoother but it is more than engine characteristics. The suspension is unbelievable. The particular track I raced this weekend has some nasty breaker bumps that would give me arm pump so bad that I could not pull in the clutch on the 426.

The 450 I didn't even feel the breaker bumps. Buy the end of the day I was like "what breaker bumps". Another thing I notice, I could ride the 4th lap as fast as the 1st.

I just can't say enough about the bike, it is awesome.

nice job on your win!:applause:

i agree, this bike will certainly allow you to ride at your fastest, with the least effort!



Congratulations! That's awesome for your first race on your new bike. Where did you race in Kentucky? I used to live in Burlington, Ky. by the Greater Cincinnati airport.

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