Another tire decision

I have been researching and browsing through the forums about tires and have a few questions about my specific needs in a tire.

First of all my 06 450 has the stock 756 rear 739 front. I like this combo, the rear hooks up very well, good cornering traction, but wears insanly fast. The front is pretty much confident in most terrain.

I had a Mxxis Desert IT on my XR 250 and it seemed to wear like iron but was not very good when the terrain got wet, and was HEAVEY.

I would like to try a kenda tire, as they are very good prices, and I have read many good things about certain models. For instance, somone wrote that the Carlsbad Stickey worked and wore well for him even in rockey terrain.

I would like a tire that will hook up in very loose coal/shale hill climbs, and resist chunking in rock gardens. Where I ride it is either loose coal or a bed of rocks.

Would the Casrlsbad Stickey work for me, or would it wear out way too quick?? Just the regular Carlsbad??

Jimmy Lewis from DirtRider did a write up on Carlsbad Stickey once and he loved it. The best thing to do, I found, is to go ahead and buy the tire you might think you want. It's not like you're going to get married to it. If you don't like it, next time don't buy it.

BTW, also a good tire to try and it lasts forever is IRC M5B

just my $.02

I found the stock back tyre has good grip but no life, I then bought the Dunlop D739 that also has good grip but no life span. I will be changing to bridgestones next has I seem to get some life out of them. Here in South Africa I mostly ride on hard pack,rocks and dry river beds and my WR450 '07 likes to eat dunlops.



I have been using Kenda Southwicks (both ends) in winter and Carlsbad (regular) in the rear during hottest part of the summer. It's very wet and rocky here and the southwicks hold up pretty well. When it gets dry in summer it gets really hardpacked and still very rocky of course. The carlsbad loses knobs after 7 or 8 good rides but otherwise works well. For the price of these tires I'm pretty happy.

I'm on new Rinaldis and like the way the hook up. I ride High desert to alpine terrain. I was using a D606 (DOT) tire. It hooked up well in the high desert areas but suffered in the alpine and muddier conditions. It wore well with some street riding too. The stock tires were just plain crap. This Rinaldi front hooks up very well. I can't report on the wear factor yet. I do have one lug that is chunked on the reaqr Ri9naldi, but we were riding some real rocky single track. The tire did well.

I'm getting a Kenda Trakmaster 2 for the rear this week. Hopefully I'll have it on by the weekend so I can give it a whirl. A couple of riding buddies have them on their DRZs and they hook up like crazy. We ride all sorts of terrain here, a lot of rocks and a lot of boggy mud and they seem to do the job.

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