i was wondering if any plastics company will ever make a black or white plastic set for an 07 wr. i know the front fender is a yz and im planning on getting an ims tank so i'll need yz shrouds, but the rear end i have seen nothing. is there a way to get a yz rear fender to work, i have heard this is difficult if not impossible. Any information would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Rear fender is not a walk in the park but not impossible. main thing is relocating the CDI unit. once you gut the air box there is a screw location in the direct center (looking straight down) of of where the box was. I made a small L bracket of aluminum angle to bolt to the center mount and the factory rubber CDI sleeve slips on to it. From there you tuck and zip tie a few wires to secure(make sure to keep air inlets free). Next the rear fender (I used 06 YZF white) needs some shims on each side plus a slot cut in where the Radiator bottle mounts.

Okay I know this is getting a little windy but I told you it was not a walk in the park. To mount the brake light I went to My local ACE hardware with a super misc bolt collection and found some (what I call sex bolts) a long threaded tube with a screw driver head on one end and I put button head allen on top with lock tight(you have to drill through the fender).Obviously there are various ways to achieve same basic results but what I chose to do for the brake light wire was epoxy the factory wire hold downs to the new fender, clean look we'll see if it holds up,as this project has been an experiment for me. I know this whole thing is BS with out pics ,I'll get the camera out in the morning.


Patience lad, the '07 hasn't been out that long. Aftermarket stuff is coming, but it takes time...SC

Patience was never my strong point. White plastic for 06 YZF 129.00 and I still have all my new blue in case I want to go back.





Thanks a ton, do you have any pics of the overall bike, to see if i want to continue on this path, i dont really doubt my skills... but i saw the one industries doug henry white bike at my local dealer and it looked so dang good. thanks for the info again!!!!! congrats on the job

Here yah go! Custom Graphics from SCR are on order.







Looks good.

Try and get a black seat cover or a YZ450 '07 white grey seat cover and the bike will look stunning.:applause: :applause:


:p :p :p

Thanks, i'm up in the air on the seat. As everyone knows its like sitting on a

2x6. I'll probably end up with aftermarket. The graphic SCR is making is a copy of the Special Edition 07' YZF except it will be blue and have WR450F on it. Simple and clean.


What ever floats your boat. The bike should look stunning when finished. Send the pictures when your complete to my private mail address.




'06 w/ white and scr graphics!


thanks again everybody, im definatly going to have to go ahead and get this going once my tax money comes! woo hoo

'06 w/ white and scr graphics!


is your Tank blue? (is it the stock tank?)

your bike is white and blue?

or white and black?

regards, fLAVIO

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