first race on new edelbrock pumper carb my opinions

ok vikings nationals lucerne valley bessimer road. first off i have to say that without this carb i don't think i would have finished this race. i got a great start off the bomb the throttle response was simply amazing it just hit and pulled and i reached the end of the bomb with absolutley no dust until i hit some big ass sand whoops which i proceeded to take a digger in :-) but... i picked the bike up kicked it once and it fired up who hoo. lets just put it this way i dumped it several 3 or 4 times this race and after lifting that bike up i would have been hating life if i had the stock carb on becasue 3 of the 4 times it fell to the right. but it started 1st or 2nd kick each time. and on an uphill i stalled out that right there was worth the price of admission. overall the feel of the carb is great i barely have to touch the throttle to loft the front end over whoops and small obstacles which makes me less tired. the only issue i had (just me needing some more time with it) is that i was used to rolling on the throttle when doing technical rocky stuff and it would just tractor over big rocks and such but now i barely tap it and it would jump and give me a little whiskey throttle so i was having a little trouble adjusting to this snappy feeling. as far as my opinion this has been the best investment i have made so far i am compleley happy with this carb and if anyone in socal wants to go ride with me and test it out let me know.

downside though was i ran out of gas on stock tank at 36 miles????? this may have been becasue the majority of the race was in deep sand quite a bit of people ran out of gas so i am not tottaly sure the carb was the problem.

anyway just my review of this carb.

BTW novice rider age 35 200 lbs been riding 3 years in case your wondering:thumbsup:

Seems that riders either love or hate the Edelbrock carb. I think it's a great carb for the 650r. 36 miles on a tank does seem a little low, but not too far out of the question with a lot of low speed - high throttle riding, the price you pay for the performance increase. Kinda like the old days when you swapped out the Quadrajet for a Holley Double Pumper carb on your small block Chevy...

Great write up OGRIDER:thumbsup: I've done every mod to my bike 650L except the carb/header pipe and big bore kit. Thought I was done modding the thing but now the itch is back....... thanks I think, LOL:naughty:


Glad to hear you liked it..:applause::excuseme:

I thought fuel economy was supposed to improve with the swap?

I thought fuel economy was supposed to improve with the swap?

well the 36 miles i got is debatable becasue on this race alot of people ran out of gas just becasue there was a ton of sand spinning wheels etc. the last 10 miles of the race i saw at least 20 riders sitting by the ribbon out of gas so next time i ride i should get a better idea on milage

Did you do the B loop? Get a big tank and don't sweat the gas. Way to go on the race!

Did you do the B loop? Get a big tank and don't sweat the gas. Way to go on the race!

nah i learned my lesson at the last national (DMC) im not in good enough shape to finish a national 2nd loop a normal one yes but not a national. especially in that heat. yeah thats my next purchase is a bigger tank

I can recommend that Acerbis five gallon tank havent had any trouble with it in a year only the petcocks look cheap. I've been running the edelbrock carb with a Hot Cam stage II cam and I have to recommend this combination on the XR650R that carb is so dial-a-torque and when you stab it by god you are gone, also no more hesitation (whilst sliding sideways)

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