4 wheelers and Rams $uck!

If it is true, it is true. Lets not bend the truth in order to avoid hurting the feelings of someone that is willing to take his and others safety for granted.

Not long ago I saw 2, 3 person families riding 2 quads. 3 on each and not one piece of safety equipment. Both Quads were brand new and yet not one helmet, not even for the toddlers. I have not seen that on a dirt bike yet.

Stereotyping is not a necessarily bad thing, for instance, that looks like some kind of Rattlesnake, and I don’t think I will grab it. Or GMC sedans are typically bad cars. They got that reputation after decades of bad workmanship. It’s just facts. Why bend them to suit others. That doesn’t change anything. It might make a few people feel better short term.

If you are willing to act like a moron but no one is willing to tell you I guess you win.

Plus I am sick and tired of these a holes blinding me! Yeah, forget the first part.


Yep. The local fools here just drag-race up and down the same trail, or even the street. Typical idiots, no helmets, shirts, shorts, or brains.

I saw an old Harley rider get pulled over for riding with 5 (yes 5) kids as passengers. 1 on Gas tank, 2 on seat behind him, and 1 on each footpeg holding on. I thought the Circus was in town. The Dumba$$ rode right past a cop. Thank goodness he got pulled over.

Dan :)

Come on now guys. Let's not stereotype too much. An idiot is an idiot on a bike or a quad. I think the fact that it takes less skill to ride a quad (as a beginner) is the major reason that there are more squids on quads. Even with only bikes I still see the moron pit racers that have to do 5th gear through camp.

But of course it is OK to pull the cork on the WR's or XR's, etc., ride the YZ's with stock pipes, or whatever bike without spark arrestors through the woods, especially during the dry periods, right? I'm a bike rider, and have seen just as many ass's on two wheels as those on 4.

My wife and daughter started out on 4 wheels before switching to two. We always wore helmets, boots, etc., but then again we started wearing seatbelts in cars long before it became law here in MI. That does not mean I beleive it SHOULD be law.

I saw a guy last year on a 1970's YZ, wearing an openface helmet, dress pants, and black dress shoes? Did I think he was a bit nuts? Yes! Do I think he should not ride? NO!!

Get a grip, people - not everyone is as perfect as all of you are.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone got their featherquad ruffled!!!!!

Settle down Carl. Since your family is "normal" we clearly were not talking about you. The great thing about stereotyping is it doesn't apply to you unless you are at fault.

I just call it like I see it. I am not making any of this up.

So you saw a looser on an old dirt bike I have seen a bunch of those too. BFD! We are talking about Quads here. Go to a Quad site and complain about bikers if that is what you are into.


Hey Scarylong,

When did GMC start making sedans? Last time I had my truck in for an oil change the closest thing I saw to a sedan was an Envoy.

Hey newto2wheels,

Are you new to the internet also? Lay off the caps.

A few people have hit it right on the head. People get quads because they are less intimidating to get started on and easier to ride up to a basic level of competence. That attracts people who are less commited to the sport. My brother (who rides a 99 WR) bought one just to have around. Good for things like rescue and recovery or transporting stuff (read: beer run) when we are at our mountain cabin. I rode it once, I was constantly afraid of running over my feet. I thought it sucked. He sold it after 2 months.

I was at Carnegie last week end. I was riding easy on one of the big loop roads, heading back out to the parking area. I happened upon a line of quads, maybe 8 of them in single file. I started to overtake the line, to the left side. One of them suddenly swerved out of line without looking. He almost collected me as I swerved into the embankment along the trail. I grabbed the clutch and throttle (dirt bike horn?), then gave the ph*cker a gravel shower.

I see a lot of this at Carnegie, brand new Quad. Must cost what, $7000?? cheap helmet, no boots, no gloves, no gear, but lotsa dead-mans. You would think the dealers would be a little more successful in talking some of these people into at least boots and gloves. But then again, what the hell do they care? They just scored the big commish on the quad, not much commission in $20 gloves.

Carnegie is really turning into "Goonadilla" these days. Is the increase in popularity worth it?

Maybe everybody ought to take a couple of Midol and chill? :)

The answer to all those goons riding without helmets is that they are trying to be the next winner of the Darwin Award :)

I asked one guy on a 4 wheeler why he didn't wear a helmet and his answer was, "If I'm going to hit my head I don't want to end up a vegetable so I'd rather just die". I should also mention that he lit up a cigarette as he told me that.


Mad Potter, that guy must be one that also subscribes to streetbike riding without a helmet....these people must want to die or somthing also.....I do not get it....

Dear friends,

I think you are mixing categories:

1 - helmet "unwearers" - kind of stupid guys that think accidents just come to others. they also exist in our two-wheelers noble tribe.

2 - quad riders - hate them too! besides being a large and dangerous (stone projections real lethal!)from others, they are also for their riders (a friend of mine is an orthopedic MD and said last summer 4 kids entered urgency with broken neck, probably also included in first category)

I didn't meant by this to tell that a idiot couldn't belong to both categories.

I want just to say that part of the reason to buy a quad instead of a bike,is the mythical belief that four wheels are safer than two!

So guys let's associate and let administration know about it!! United we are stronger!

Ride with adrenaline and safety regardness, yours sincerelly JP :)

:) We don't seem to have the same "type" of quad rider over here, apart from the farmers chasing sheep , the only guy's we see are fully kitted and ride the damn things really well so although it's easy to generalise, remember SOME quad riders aren't all bad, it's all a matter of perception! :D

BFLee, sorry about the caps, didn't realize the CAPLock was on. NO, I'm not new to the net, just new to two wheels.

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