yzf 426 gearbox

hi there can anybody tell me if the transmision out of a wr 400 will fit my yzf 426?? if so will it give me longer gears:ride: cheers danny

Not for certain. The output shaft is the same, as are the main shaft bearings, so as far as the internals go, it should. However, the clutch boss on the 426 is different, and that may mean that the main shaft is machined differently on the clutch end, which could cause the clutch not to fit the WR400 shaft. If that were the case, it might possibly be cured by using a new WR426 main shaft, and if necessary, a WR426 low gear wheel.

But there is no doubt that a WR426 trans will bolt in.

ok nice one this is the part im looking at (ebay):applause: ( 250109435729)do you think i will need the clutch as well then???

It isn't that simple. You don't want to use a 400 clutch in a 426, and it may not fit anyway. The primary gears are different. I'd plan on getting more info before I spent my money.

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