u got a 98 yz400f

Just wondering if anyone owns one and wanting to know how the bike is running? Still as quick as it first was?? Any probs with it or changes u have made. Just curious because its nearly 10 years on and the first 4 bangger of its era.

Not exactly what you were looking for, but close.

I have a 2000 WR400F, and it still runs strong, only had engine work once, when the Cam chain kinked, other than that just routine maintinance.:applause:

A little heavy, but a very durable bike.

i own a 98 yz400f with a full titanium 4 pipe and its the greatest bike i've owned the only problems i had was rejetting.... other than that its great bike... new plastics and graphics on the way ill send you a pic... it will look awesome. it runs strong and has no miss beats.

I have a 2000 WR400F as well, strong's an understatement, just giving her a nice little visual overhaul this winter, but like all Yamahas, outside of checking the valve specs, there won't be any work done on the motor.

Starts first kick, doesn't skip a beat, runs like a champ (because it is).

When this bike first came out, all the magazines were raving about it - the guys that went to South America for the factory test rides didn't want to ever get off the machines - kinda the feeling I have.

I just sold my 98 yz400. I owned it since it was new. The only thing that ever went wrong was the waterpump leaked. It never needed the valves adjusted, and never changed the piston or anything. It was a great bike. It ran as strong as the day I got it.

i had a 99, it was a great bike. i had to do water pump and seals, thats it for engine work, other then that just basic stuff, fork seals, wheel bearings. would run hot in the woods was the only complaint.

I have an '00 YZ 426 and bought it last summer. Previous owners and maintenance are completely unknown to me.

But this things runs great, tons of power and extremely reliable. Love this bike.

still riding a 99 yz400f.. no major probs here either.

Just committed to buying a 99 YZ400F! I rode it to verify the fit, but know that it is a sweet bike. I don't have it yet (the owner is putting the WR flywheel/stator etc back in it for street duty), but when I get I will love it! He has put a piston in it and adjusted the valves, both of which he said were technically not necerssary, but they were getting to the edge of their specs, and he felt like he had to do SOME kind of maintenance on a 8 year old bike!

My 98 is runnin like a top.Until I got mid way through a SuMo conversion so its partially dissassembled at the moment. Bike has a Hotcams auto decomp cam, Stock exhaust and has been rejetted (I live at 8000 ft). I love it.

I decided to sell mine 2000 WR400, offered it to my brother who hasn't really rode in a few years, I was keeping it as a backup bike, and a Winter bike, but after only riding it twice this Winter, and only a couple times last Summer, I decided it's time to let someone else get some enjoyment out of it.

A real shame for it just to sit in the garage, being the most reliable bike I ever owned, and I know he'll get many a good years out of it, it's hard for me to let it go, but it'll be happier actually getting rode.

I sold my '98 model nearly 2 years ago to upgrade and i still see out and about still going strong!

I have an 1999 YZ400F and I love it. I changed all the water pump internals, the clutch, had the head worked on and replaced the basics like the forks seals and new radiator fliud. Overall, I spent about $800 and the bike is brand new to me.

Here's a pic of it


I've got a '98 and it runs perfect. It starts in 3 kicks when it cold (and I've got the weakest kick I know of). It's a damn reliable bike...period...and especially considering it was the first of a breed.

You can pick them up cheap now and parts are still readily available (I paid too much, but got a CA plate out of it which made it worth it to me).

I ride from sea level to 6000 above and don't have to re-jet in between.

My brother has a99 YZ 400, bought it new in 99. never a bit of trouble never had to open the moter, all stock. Just tires ,brakes,handle bars and one cable. He don't even change the oil than often. I hope my 450 is as trouble free for as long.:busted::worthy:

I have a '98 YZ400. CA plated. Bought it last summer.

The motor is stock. A friend, who is a factory mechanic at Kawasaki, raced the YZ400 for Yamaha in 99. He knows the bike inside & out. He went through it for me & was blown away with how the motor was all still within tolerance, suspension, seals & bearings were in great shape.

Ride it hard, keep it serviced and it'll last forever...well, a long time.


I have a 1998 400. Brought it October last year. It wasn't running at the time and had been standing for over 18 months. Got it running, rebuilt the forks (as the seals had gone) and have been riding it in the desert every week since.

It is a great desert bike, eats up sand dunes real easy, handles good (for my level of skill anyway) and hasn't looked like letting me down.

I have a later cam to fit to remove the decompression setup but as I now have got the carburettor right it is easy to start and ticks over at idle real sweet. So the mod is on hold till next time the valves are checked. Also I like the power rush from the existing set up.

It has a White Bros pipe on it but is otherwise standard. Really barks when the throttle is opened wide.

From my perspective a great bike. I have been able to procure all the parts I have needed without too much problem so am planning to keep it for some time to come as where I ride, it performs just as well as the later bikes I ride with (CR450's, KTM 525's, KX450's and later YZ's).

I had a 99 ,the bike never missed a beat. It was such a versatile machine,I could take it out and beat it through the rocks and roots of Pa on Saturday and then to the races on Sunday where I would always holeshot my classes against honda 450s,and everything else, in 2004 i purchased a 2003 450, I never holeshoted a class again, or enjoyed a woods ride,that old 400 was just magic

I set my WR400 up just for riding in deep snow this winter, heated grips, and the Trelliborgs mounted, and have only had a chance to ride it a few times. This past Sunday the ground was nothing but a sheet of ice and light snow so I took it for a ride, and had a blast!

It hooked up every where, power to spare, 3rd and 4th gear backing it into corners on twisty trails and the bike and tires never let loose, what a fun day.

I'll have to get around to hosting the video and post it up, I was by myself because no one else wanted to ride in those conditions, so it's not my usual video of chasing another rider, but still fun.

I just sold my 98 yz400. I owned it since it was new. The only thing that ever went wrong was the waterpump leaked. It never needed the valves adjusted, and never changed the piston or anything. It was a great bike. It ran as strong as the day I got it.

I concur with all you 400F owners; great trouble-free bike.

Still got my '99 YZ400 that I bought new in '99. Don't ride it much though (last 4 years, mainly only in Colorado for high-altitude stuff one week a year), just did first valve adjustment on it a couple weeks ago. They were barelyout of spec after 9 years!

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