06 YZ450 Questions?

Dr.D sounds good to me.

What do you guys do to the suspension as far as sag and all that good stuff. How far does everyone run there forks in the upper tripple clamps? Thanks for the help everyone.

You'd be startled, sometimes. Read the shear test (ASTM D-6278) on page 9 of this:


This is the problem with most engine oils when used to lube a transmission.


What exactly is a cycle interval? Is that one ride/moto and subsequent cool down? If we only run 10 minute motos (an extreme assumption), we would produce about 30 cycle intervals every 5 hours of motor time. Most of the oils (except the real crappy ones) didn't break down until after 30 cycles. So would I be correct to assume that it is pretty safe to change your oil every 5 hours of motor time if you use decent oil?

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