Clutch vibration/noise

I have an 06 WR450. With the clutch out, in neutral,at an idle, it make a weird noise I don't remember hearing before. Pull the clutch back in, the noise goes away. The bike only has 150 miles on it. Can anyone tell me if this is normal, or do I need to address the issue?

Thanks, Ron

Its normal. Its the clutch plates rattling.

some older bikes even ran rubber o-rings around the steel plates to help with noise.

I have the same issue, are you guys sure that u have the same sound in all 06' WR450. Its really loud noise and its disapear when I pull clutch in. My WR450 has only 2000km for right now and I dont remeber that I have this sound before.....

oh, and I check this with my fellows they have WR400 and WR426 and there is no noise like this....

My 02 Wr 426 Doesent Make Any Noises From The Clutch Basket At All Dead Silent And I Asked A Freind Who Has A 07 450 Nothing From His Either Check With Your Dealer.i Sold A Lc4 400 Ktm A While Ago That You Would Think Had A Dozen Nuts &bolts Rattling Around In The Clutch Until You Engaged It .ktm Guys Are To Dazed By The Orange To Notice Anything.they Are Shocking For Clutch Noise.

Yamaha has alot of play in the clutch basket to primary gear. The rubber insulators do not take up the slack very well. If you read your manual, it says that you should replace your basket assy if there is ANY play between the basket and primary gear assembly. The problem with that is a new Yamaha basket has play.

The noise is normal and is part of the "Yamaha engine noise". If you look at the features listing for the new 08 WR, it says they have tightened up the clearance on the primary gear to cut down on engine noise.

If you want to be sure, take your clutch cover off, pull the clutch and basket, and check to make sure the rivets are not loose on the basket where it attaches to the primary gear. Also make sure the starter clutch bolts are tight.There will be play between the kick starter gear/primary gear and the basket, side to side, and maybe even fore and aft, but as long as the rivets are tight , you are OK. Pm me if you have any questions as to disassembly, it is very easy and only takes about an hour max. You will need an impact to remove the basket nut.


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