Beautiful and sad

The most amazing thing happened to me on Sunday. I woke up to find a Barred Owl sitting in a tree 10 ft from my porch. It later fell out of the tree. Obvoiusly injured or sick, I took it in to help keep it warm and get it to someone who could help. After numerous phone call and pages to vets and Conservation Offices, the Owl died in my hands before it could recieve medical attention. After talking with my Girlfriend, we concluded it flew into the sliding glass door and sustained a severe neck injury. She heard a lowd bang against the house late that night while I was out.

I really wanted it to live and was deeply moved and saddened when it passed away. I love animals more than most humans. When an animal as prestegious as an owl graces you with it's presence, it is something that can not be pot into words.

Thanks for listening.


I hear ya buddy... I feel the same way about animals... and to think that some so-called humans poaches animals for $$$... I wish I could have those SOB`s at the end of a 30 odd 6...


Very sad - sorry to hear it Mike :)

[accidentally double posted]

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Thanks guys, I see the owls face as if it were still in my hands. I never thought I would cry over a bird but am weeping as I write. Sorry for being such a candy ass. Tomorrow I will roost in the snow, riding with the spirit of an OWL.


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BIG HEARTS are one of the greatest gifts that Mother Earth can give to a person. the ability to see the beauty in all things! to bad there are not more like you (us) :D

I really hate when that happens... And I was sad about a chickadee...

On a brighter note... I rode in the snow on sat.

And say a large grey owl in my woods :D He (or she) flew right down the trail, and let me ride under him for a good perspective on wing span....had to be almost 6'!!

such beauty :)

I know how you feel. My dad is a retired vet and I worked for him for years in high school and college. A real family run practice. I too had some serious heartache over sick and hurt animals. I would have become a vet too had it not been for the crazy owners.

Take care,


Mike, I also know how you feel. Over the years my wife and I have rescued several animals. Some didn't make it. Its a hard pill to swallow even when you know you are fighting an up hill battle.

Thanks guys, It means something to know that the riders of this site care as much about wildlife as I do. The thing that makes wildlife so easy to love is that they lack the ignoracne of the people we all deal with from day to day life. That and they are better to look at as well.



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